Are Photo Booth Rentals Expensive?

Many people often wonder whether or not it’s going to be very expensive for them to rent a photo booth. This is a legitimate question to ask because you obviously need to set a budget while you are planning for your next party or event. If you have a photo booth this  could be your main entertainment at to this special day .  You need to figure out your entertainment  expenses so that you can budget the rest or your party. Let’s take a look at the different types of photo booths so that you can determine what is the best for you.

Question: I am having a party and I want to know what the lowest price ?

Answer:  If you are on a very tight budget, you first have to determine how many hours you want the photo booth. Most photo booth companies offer a two or three hour minimum. They offer base packages depending on the time and if you book more hours than their minimum, you can usually pay  less per hour.  Package deals are not uncommon. You expect to pay anywhere from $350 -$400 per hour for a traditional photo booth and $450- $500 per hour for a green screen photo booth. For our package deals and discount vouchers click here.

Question:  Are There Any Extra Expenses when Renting a Photo Booth?

Answer:  Some photo booth companies have a print limit and will charge you extra if you would like more prints. For instance, they will quote you a price for 100 prints and then charge you more if you go over. We don’t charge you more for prints. Our rental includes unlimited prints so you don’t have to worry about going over.  Some photo booth companies charge you extra for props. We don’t charge you extra for props. We have a large assortment that will go with any theme of your party.  Some photo booth companies charge you extra for artwork and graphics. At RockStar Photo Events your artwork and graphics are included with your rental.  We have a great graphic designer and can make any background or overlay that you prefer.

Question:  I Noticed You Offer Temporary Tattoos As Well, Do You Offer Package Deals With The Photo Booth?

Answer:  Well since you brought it up, yes we do offer temporary tattoos and photo booth package deals. If you would like more information please contact us.

Let’s Conclude This Article about the Price of Renting a  Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles.

Renting a photo booth for your next party is a great idea.  It will add a ton of fun and interactivity. Your guests will love it and you will love it too.  What is most important to take into consideration is you get what you pay for. Photo booths are not very expensive and you should be able to have a great party with a low budget.  One last thought, you get what you pay for.

Photo booths are not that expensive.