Why Photo Booth Rentals Make You Happy.

Imaging the day of your party or event. Kids are running around throwing french fries at each other.

Adults are unengaged.

Your guest just can’t wait to go home.

When they do go home, they talk about how rotten of a time they had.

Your biggest nightmare came true. You had a very boring party!

That is what happens when you don’t have a green screen photo booth at your event?

Now image the day of your party or event when you do rent a fun green screen photo booth.

The kids are engaged and entertained.

The adults are laughing and having a ton of fun.

The adult don’t want to leave because they want to take one more photo.

They go home and talk about how much fun they had at your party.

10,20,30 years from now they still keep their photo booth photo and they look back with a smile and gratitude that you gave them a unique experience.

That is what happen when you do rent our photo booths.

Statistic show that a persons social status grows when they have a very entertaining party.  You establish a social presence that others want to emulate.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s, the person who through the best parties were always positioned as the most popular people.

All you have to do is have a green screen photo booth at your party, wedding or corporate event.

Guitars, funny eye glasses, boas, wigs, mustaches and lips are just some of the fun props that your guests will wear when they step into the magic of a green screen photo booth. The green screen takes them into a world they have never been. Laughing and primping for the camera. Your guest attitudes and body language changes as they pose for the camera. For a moment they are standing on the red carpet.  They are stars. For a moment you take your guests away from the struggles of life and blast them into a world of fantasy. A fantasy they never want to leave.

I don’t know what excites you more when you rent a photo booth, but as we go through the journey together, we would love to see which experience makes you the most happy.

Rent a photo booth today. 661-159-1554, your party deserves it.

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