Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles

Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles

Are you currently on the fence about renting a  photo booth in the Los Angeles area? You know that you want to rent a photo booth for your  next party or event but you just don’t know if it’s something that you need.

If you have ever been invited to a wedding or a bar mitzvah you have  probably seen either a traditional photo booth or an open air green screen photo booth. The reason is that having this nnovelty at your party is incredibly fun. Your guest interact, have fun, laugh and be able to take home a memento that will last forever. If you don’t have a photo booth, then you run the risk of having a very boring party. You don’t want to have a boring party do you?

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Why Should I rent a Photo Booth for my next party or event?

Well, I already touched on one of the major issues but I’ll repeat it again because it’s so important that it’s definitely worth repeating. You want to have  a photo booth either traditional or green screen so that your guest will have fun, have a great time and be able to take home fun photos that are going to last you a lifetime. There is nothing more satisfying than throwing a great party and seeing friends, relatives and guest laughing, smiling, and primping for the camera. You watch while your dad, mom, boss wear funny props, big sunglasses, rocking guitars, and funny pimp hats. What’s more fun than that?
You will have quality photos that you’ll be able to share with your family and guest at the end of the party, and you can use the photos to  fill your wedding album or party scrap book. These great photos will remind you of the great time you and your guests had. So don’t have any regrets at the after your wedding or party. Choosing  to rent a photo booth will be one of the best decisions you can.

Are There Any Other Major Benefits to Renting a  Photo Booth in Los Angeles?

Yes, there are definitely some other really good benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of if you have photo booth (Green Screen or Traditional) at your party.  Let’s be honest. We have worked the party scene for more than 16 years. In our experience, especially bar and bat mitzvahs, when the 13 year old boys and girls start getting bored they tend to resort to destructive  behavior. There are many occasions when they start getting into a french fry fights.  Yes, it’s true. Even the innocent ones aren’t exempt from whipping fries and ketchup at each other. When you have a photo booth, it keeps them engaged and less likely to be mischievous .

And what about making a copy CD out of all of your photos that get taken at the wedding or party? If you rent a photo booth in L.A. , you should expect to have a copy of all your photo burned on a CD so that you can have all the pictures in one place.

This is standard for all photo booth rental companies. You may have to specifically request it but this is definitely a service that every good professional photo booth company  is going to provide you. So you certainly want to have the ability to get a CD copy for your party. That will be something you’ll be able to view whenever you want. You will laugh hysterically and you will appreciate and cherish these photos for the rest of your life.
Right now you might be thinking how could you not have a photo booth at your party.  We are thinking the same thing.

  The only thing that you have to decide now, is whether you want a traditional photo booth or an open air green screen photo booth. Both are great and both serve a unique purpose.  To find out which type is best for you, give us a call at 661-259-1554 and we can help you decide. Don’t worry, we are kind of polite and won’t give you the hard sell. We don’t roll like that. We just want your party to Rock!

Green Screen Photo Booth Rental

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